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Jul 11, 2023

Few topics are as hot right now in the fire service as consumer lithium-ion batteries. While electric vehicles and e-bikes still get the bulk of attention, residential energy storage system (ESS) installations are also starting to skyrocket as homeowners realize the value of storing their solar power and having a reliable source of backup electricity. But when these large home batteries fail, it can present a host of difficult challenges for responders, and urgency is building to develop better guidance and tactics.

On today’s podcast, we talk to Adam Barowy and Sean DeCrane, two leading experts on lithium-ion battery hazards and the fire service. We discuss what researchers are learning by burning these batteries, and how that knowledge is helping to improve the fire service’s tactics and safety during incidents (4:50). 

Then, on a new Code Corner, NFPA engineer Val Ziavras answers your questions about another green trend that’s raising fire safety questions: Mass Timber construction (43:51).