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Nov 8, 2022

When hurricane Ian tore through Florida in September, it left a trail of destruction—but not at Babcock Ranch, a 2,000-home development designed to be both sustainable and to withstand the worst natural disasters. Today on the podcast, we speak to an engineer who lives in and helped design Babcock Ranch about the community’s unique features, as well as the growing trend toward building resiliency and what it could mean for the future of disaster recovery (1:06).
Then, we debut a new segment on the podcast called “Code Corner,” where NFPA technical experts answer your burning code questions. In the first installment, engineer Shawn Mahoney talks about protection strategies and requirements for atriums (35:58).

Watch the 60 Minutes segment on Babcock Ranch
Read a 2015 NFPA Journal cover story on the concept of disaster resiliency