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Mar 26, 2024

In most years, more firefighters die by suicide than from accidents or injuries that happen in the line of duty, according to the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance. It’s well understood that PTSD is a huge contributor to the problem, but recently a new concept called moral injury has also become recognized as a significant factor. Today on the podcast, we discuss moral injury and firefighter suicide with Jeff Dill, a licensed clinician and former battalion chief who is the founder the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance (3:15). We also talk about the many factors—good and bad—that play a role in the overall mental health of today’s first responders.

Then, on a new Code Corner, Curt Floyd, the technical lead for responders at NFPA, discusses the new consolidated standard NFPA 1030 and the new guidance it gives on professional qualifications for first responder inspectors (36:00).

LINKS: Read the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance's white paper on moral injury.