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Mar 12, 2024

Each year, accidental carbon monoxide poisonings cause at least 430 deaths in the U.S., and send more than 100,000 people to emergency rooms, according to the CDC. Studies have found that the number of accidental CO deaths has increased over the last decade.

Today on the podcast, we speak to Richard Roberts, a member of several NFPA committees on carbon monoxide, and an active participant in the National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Association. He dives into the science of how this deadly gas gets into people’s homes, how CO affects the human body, how CO codes and standards are changing, and what people can do to better protect themselves (2:44).

Then, on a new Code Corner, NFPA engineer Shawn Mahoney talks about the requirements for integrated system testing for fire protection systems and why it’s important (19:09)



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